, muts_as_number=False, cells_as_number=False, show_id=False, cell_info=None, output_file=None, color_attr=None, dpi=150)[source]

Draw the tree in clonal format.

This functions plots the tree in which edges are mutations and nodes are cells.

  • tree (networkx.DiGraph) – The input tree.

  • muts_as_number (bool, optional) – Change the mutation list to a number at edges, by default False

  • cells_as_number (bool, optional) – Change the cell list to a number at edges, by default False

  • show_id (bool, optional) – Whether to show IDs of nodes and edges or not, by default True

  • cell_info (pandas.DataFrame, optional) – Information of cells for coloring the nodes by a pie chart, by default None

  • output_file (str, optional) – Path to a file for saving the tree in, by default None

  • color_attr (str, optional) – Attributes in the cell_info dataframe for coloring the nodes, by default None

  • dpi (int, optional) – Resolution of rendered figures – this influences the size of figures in notebooks, by default 150


Return type